1  Seller and Buyer conclude a sales contract, with method of payment usually by letter of credit (documentary).

2  Buyer applies to his issuing bank, usuallyin Buyer's country, for letter of credit in favor of seller(beneficiary).

3  Issuing bank requests another banks, usually a correspondent bank in Seller'country, to advise, and usually to cofirm, the credit.

4  Advising bank, usually in Seller's country, forwards letter of credit to Seller informing about the terms and conditions of credit. 

5  If credit terms and conditions confrom to sales contract, Seller prepares goods and documentation, and arranges delivery of goods tocarrier.

6  Seller presents document evidencing the shipment and draft (bill of exchange) to paying, accepting or negotiating bank named in the credit (the advising bank usually), or any bank willing to negotiate under the terms of credit.

7  Bank examines the documents and draft for compliance with creditterms. If complied with, bank will pay, accept or negotiate.

8  Bank, if other than the issuing bank, sends the documents and draft to the issuing bank.

9  Bank examines the documents and draft for compliance with credit terms.If complied with, Seller's draft is honored.

10  Documents release to Buyer after payment, or on other terms agreed between the and Buyer.

11  Buyer surrenders bill of lading to carrier(in case of ocean freight) in exchange for the goods or the delivery order.

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