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Yang Ming

 About 154,000 TEU are expected to be added by a Taiwanese shipping business. They'd have to order a total of 14 ships. One of them is the YM Topmost, which has a capacity of 11,000 TEU. The length of this ship is estimated to be 333.9 meters, while the breadth is 48.4 meters. It can also cruise at a depth of 16 meters at a speed of 23 knots. These boat is unusual in that it is environmentally friendly. The phenomenal impact will happen in Trans-Pacific. (LM4)



 The new ONE platform will make shipments more dependable by providing two new services to please customers: "Track & Trace" and "Chat." "Track & Track" is a useful feature. Customers would be informed of the position of their goods during the shipping, as well as the cut-off time and VGM. Customers may use the "Chat" option to contact customer support and ask questions more easily. These would improve the company's image. (LM5)



CMA CGM, a French shipping company, began docking its ships in Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan, since it is the gateway to South America, North America, Asia, and Australia. They have a 20-year deal. This harbor currently has two wharfs with a combined capacity of 1.3 million TEUs per year. Finally, they received ISO 45001 for hygiene and safety.

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