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เรียน ท่านลูกค้า 

แจ้งเตือนฤดูฝน สำหรับสินค้าที่ส่งออก และ นำเข้า ไปเอเชียใต้ ขอให้ระวังน้ำฝน และ ขอให้ท่านลูกค้าควรจะห่อหุ้มสินค้าที่เป็นกล่องกระดาษได้วยพลาสติก

Dear All,
Due to continuous heavy rain in South Asia, major airports are facing following issues:


  1. Delay in Flights arrivals and Departures
  2. Space issues in the terminals due to cancellation of flights
  3. Delay in arrival of trucks at Airports for customs clearance
  4. Cargo wrapping issues because our members are getting many exports shipments without poly wrapping


We have to do following things to minimize issues:


  1. Instruct customers for handing-over shipments on time to load shipments according to the schedule.
  2. Give on time information of weight / volume for the booking of space
  3. Trucks / Vehicles needs to be inspected by transporters and concern staff to make sure that Trucks are not having any leakages to avoid damage of cargo.
  4. Paperwork needs to be available on time for on-time customs clearance and handing over to the carriers.
  5. Each carton must be in a proper wrapping to avoid damages with raining water.