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The use of seaworthy packing material

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of seaworthy packing material. The stresses and forces encountered during sea voyage can be extreme: in heavy weather a ship can roll 40 degrees. This means an outboard container at the top of the stack may draw an arc of approx. 60 meter!

A seaworthy packing is a packing which provides proper protection to the contents and is suitable to withstand the ordinary risks of transport in a (consolidation) container and all relevant handlings.
From a cost saving point of view it may seem profitable to minimize the costs for packing material, however, please keep in mind that as per Hague Visby Rules and our bill of lading conditions, the merchant (shipper) is at all times responsible for providing a seaworthy packing. So if damage has occurred as a result of improper (not seaworthy) packing, the carrier cannot be held responsible and the damage is for merchant’s account. In that case a seaworthy packing is a cheaper option!

We also recommend to always arrange a cargo transport insurance. Our customer service department will be pleased to provide you with competitive all risk insurance rates!